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Book title: Go Coastal | Memories of a life spent chasing a dream

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This is not a travel book. Although I visited many amazing places to get these images, I have made no attempt to flatter the locations nor inspire your next holiday idea with alluring imagery.

This is not a technical photography showcase. Although I have made use of very specific photographic methods and processes, I have not included any references to how you too can make your images look like these.

The where’s and how’s are not questions I have set out to answer. Anyone can visit the places I’ve been, and learn the techniques I know, and produce a photo book much like this one, but that’s not why I did this, and therein lies the key. This book is not about the where’s and the how’s, it’s about the why.

One beautiful spring morning, when I was 18 years old, I sat down at my local beach and I decided that I was going to make a life out of chasing my dreams. It was a decision that marked a turning point for me and the reason you are reading this message now.

I followed my dreams for a very long time, until one day a was forced to leave it all behind and return home. In the years that followed I struggled a great deal with my new surroundings and found it very difficult to settle in again.

It has been a long time since have chased my dreams, but now the time has come again. As I said before, this book is not a travel book nor a technical showcase, nor anything else like it for that matter.

This book is a physical record of a life spent following a dream. It is tangible evidence that there is something worth chasing beyond the where’s and the how’s of this world. This is my way of starting again – a rededication to the decision I made on the beach all those years ago and I invite you to join me on this stretch of my journey.

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