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Those of you who have been following me for the last little while will know that, earlier this year I embarked on a small project to create a photo book of all the images I’ve collected from my various travels

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Jeffreys Bay in black and white

Jeffreys bay in black and white - photo

This image was taken late one afternoon in Jeffreys Bay as the sun disappeared behind the horizon. I had been shooting the surfers further up the point and decided to take a walk down the beach to see what other

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Photo book sent for proof print


After a very long time – 8 years to be exact – I’ve finally sent my first photo book off for printing! It’s been one heck of a journey and I can’t wait to get the proof back. Putting something

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Final tweaks before print


One last update before I head off to Mossel Bay: I’ve all but finished with sequencing and layout. All the images are in and ready for print. I’m just adding a few image titles and captions, but for the most

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Photo book ready for layout and print


It feels like I’ve been living under ground these past few weeks. Every bit of spare time I’ve had has been spent compiling and editing photos for my new book. It feels like I’ve gone through every photo I’ve ever

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Back from Mozambique – Back to work!

Getting around

As some of you may know, I was recently away on a image gathering trip for my new photo book. Well…I’m back in town and back to work preparing, editing and sorting all the new shots into my final short-list. It

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One last trip up the coast

Mozam point

As a final phase in getting photos for my book, I’m heading up the coast into northern KZN and Mozambique for a couple of weeks in August. I’m hoping that the late winter conditions will make for some awesome coastal

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Pam Golding Plettenberg Bay office design


A big thanks to Petrus Maree from Petrus Maree Design. Check out the background image for the new Pam Golding offices in Plettenberg Bay. This is one of my earlier HDR images from the region that I took while on tour

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I’m making a photo book!


Many of you who have been following me for a while will know that I’ve spent a lot of time travelling and photographing Southern and Eastern Africa. Over the past 8 years I’ve collected thousands of images from these regions

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The Gallery in Westville

The Gallery in Westville 1

So I stopped by the Gallery in Westville this afternoon and found this hanging on the wall… Thanks ladies – it looks great!

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Burnt tree in the Drakensberg BW

Berg and tree bw

I very seldom do a black and white version of an image I’ve shot in colour and not choose between the two. But in this instance I liked both versions of this shot of the Drakensberg.  Order this image as

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Burnt Tree in the Drakensberg

Berg and tree

Another shot from winter in the Drakensberg.

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Underberg Farm in the Snow

Underberg farm

This was one of my favourite shots of the Underberg farms in the snow. Again, brightness of the snow proved to be a major challenge, however, the evening light really added a lot of interesting colour to the scene. I

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Underberg in the snow


This trip up to Underberg was my very first experience of snow. Up until then I had only experienced it in pictures, and movies – it really is very different in real life. Shooting in the snow is also very

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Tofinho Vegetation

Tofinho vegetation

I’ve got loads of these photos of the vegetation along the cliffs of Tofinho in Mozambique, so I finally decided to put one up. Tofinho has a very distinct look and feel and these thick shrubs that grow along the

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The house at Tofinho

Tofinho house

I took this photo of a small house at Tofinho while I was out walking on the point. This stretch of the coast is particularly hard and rugged, but beautiful nonetheless. I find that Tofinho has that appeal. The conditions

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Durban Air Show

2012 Durban Air Show


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Early morning waves at Southbroom point

Point waves

Here’s another photo from my morning walks to check out the surf at Southbroom point. What caught my attention about this spot was the calm pools that had formed between the rocks that would get bombarded by the foamy, white

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Durban supermarket

Sheep heads for sale

This little stall in the fish market really interested me. I like to compare this to what I see at my local supermarket. I’m not sure bloodied sheep heads on an old wooden crate would attract the regular buyers but

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Store owner in the Durban Street Market

50 years copy

This gentleman (and that is a very appropriate way to describe him) and store owner, has been selling in this market for over 50 years. I can’t even comprehend how long that is! Can you imagine the things he has

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